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From seeds to harvest, Crystal Apple Cucumbers

Crystal apple cucumber

This is a not-so-known variety of cucumbers.  I would put this in my exotic vegetable category.    When was the last time anyone has seen crystal apple cucumbers in the grocery store?  Have you heard of “crystal apple cucumbers?” This variety grows massive vines.  Make sure to monitor the nature pollination process.  If you notice the plant producing too many flower blossom, but no fruit, lack of pollination might be problem.  Do not hesitate to pollinate the plants yourself.

I purchased these seeds out of curiosity and from the desire to support the “Seed Saver Exchange.”

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From seeds to harvest, Cotton

I a new category called “from seed to harvest” to feature vegetables and herbs that were grown from  my seed collection.  These plants have all grown from my container garden in North Austin, on my patio.

Cotton plant in my “From seeds to harvest” collection

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