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How to set up an Aeroponics system

Produced by Cara Harpole

Feel free to follow the steps or read my article:

Step 1

Gather your materials, before you do anything. Then make a template for each size you will use.

Every system needs a water pump. Consult with a hydroponic pro for the correct unit according to the volume of water used. This pump was over kill.

Step 2

The circles are strategically placed according to the mesh pot sizes used. Place them as you wish. Draw circles accordance with the mesh pots diameters. You will need to make room for a tight snug fit.

Step 3

Cover your openings for a snug fit. You can find something better than what I used at your local hardware store.

Step 4

The lid need to be insulated to make sure water doesn’t leak.  This this tricky business.  I used materials on hand.  Not a good idea.  You need materials which will create an air tight seal.  This is a learning experience.  Find out what works best for you.

Brite Ideas, Hydroponics & Organics (Austin, Texas) is pictured.

You will need to find a Hydroponic store in your area.  You will be making many trips and find yourself meeting others who are passionate about hydroponics.

I used volcanic pebbles. They need to be washed before placement into the mesh pots. You can see a lot of residue in this photo. It might take a few washings before they are ready for use.

Step 5

Design your own water delivery unit which fits both your water pump and your housing unit.  I used PVC pipes for this experiment.  I would have liked to find something made with natural materials.  Bamboos would have been perfect however,  the fit would have been challenging.  Do you own research on safety and alternative materials.  please share your findings with us.

This is what makes or breaks your system.  If you unit can not deliver water and nutrients properly,  the roots of your plants will dry.  Moisture and aeration is a must for your roots.

Step 6

Finally, everything is set in place

It’s time to plant!

You can read my article about the mechanics of Aeroponics at the following link:


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