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From Coffee, to Espresso to a Glorious cup of Cappuccino

From Coffee, to Espresso to a Glorious cup of Cappuccino

Written by Cara Harpole

This article takes us back to the discovery of coffee, to the canals of Venice, Italy. The Italians created espresso machines, which made the invention of modern day cappuccino possible. I also briefly discuss the science behind making cappuccino.

Many coffee shops get it wrong, and produce something they call cappuccino, drowning in milk and loss in flavor. My inspiration for writing this article stems from my last experience–ordering the worst cup of cappuccino I have ever had in my life. It taste like watered down milk. It was obvious that the staff was poorly trained. This was not an isolated incident. It happens over and over in well known coffee houses in the U.S.A. Businesses want to jump on the high revenue generating specialty coffee market, but not all want to give consumers what they want– quality authentic cappuccino.

Early espresso machine patent design

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