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The History of Cotton, and Why I Had to Grow it For Myself

Cotton I grew in my patio garden

The Marvelous Cotton Story

Written by Cara Harpole

I have always been fascinated by unusual varieties of fruit and vegetables, bamboo trees, and plants that are rarely grown by urban gardeners. One of the most fulfilling feelings for a person who is passionate about growing is to take a seed, plant it, nurture it, and later eat the fruit of your labor.

I once grew a Loquat (Japanese Plum) tree from seeds. Even though it took about four years to produce ripe juicy plums, the harvest was both plentiful and delicious.

What would be my next challenge? I conjured up a list of fruit and vegetables to grow. The goal was to grow something both exotic, and unusual for a typical urban patio garden. This special plant would have to razzle and dazzle friends and fellow garden enthusiast. It was my goal to show off my prized plant of choice once it reached its maturity. A photo would be posted on my social media site to wow my friends.

The next step was to choose a plant with a reasonable harvest time. It had to tolerate a temperamental hot and dry climate like Austin, Texas.

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