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How to Make a Wooden Compost Bin

Wooden compost bin

Compost materials from your kitchen

The inspiration behind creating my own compost kitchen bin was purely environmental.  This became a life style change.  I have been  recycling of my kitchen waste for years.   I’d rather see my compost in my garden rather than in a landfill.

Did you know that every year Americans generate around 14 million tons of food waste?  If we all saved our potatoes, oranges, apple and  onion peels and egg shells, coffee grinds  and old loose tea, we could not only add nutrient organic material to our gardens, but we could also help the environment.

I used  a few recycled materials to create this bin.  I highly encourage you to use as many recycled materials as possible.  To date, I have not purchase even a bag of soil in over 2 years.

Mixing compost materials with soil will create a mineral rich environment.

Outdoor Compost Bin, beginning stages


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Looming, My Accidental Hobby

Looming is a time honored skilled used to make carpets and also knit wear. The picture above is a sample of a preemie baby cap on a smaller loom. The loom in the background can used to make scarfs and purses.

Looming is something that I discovered by accident.  I never  read anything about it, nor did anyone one tell me about it.  One day when I was shopping in a craft store in Austin,  I saw an unusual gadget.  I read the description that said I could create hats and scarfs as if I was using a knitting needle.  It was on sale,  so I purchased this usual gadget and decided to make a video to share it with my friends.

Video coming soon


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