About le Village

Le Village is all about  making our worlds’ a litter more  greener and enjoyable by adopting a balanced eco-living  lifestyle. Here are a few tips to help achieve a more eco-friendly lifestyle:  starting a garden(container, conventional or hydroponic), learning new ways to grow food by using alternative methods: hydroponics and vertical gardens,visiting  local botanical and  garden centers,  watching documentaries and instructional videos. (i.e. Austin Documentary Fans) and joining community gardens in your area.  Another goal is to promote composting, recycling and using organic products and methods to avoid harmful chemicals.

Building outdoor spaces is a key to starting this process.  It is a an extension of your personal living spaces.  I have created a comfortable patio  incorporating my container gardens, custom built trellis creating a calming and peaceful place for me to read.  My little “zen space” is also a nice retreat for my cats.

See Goldie pictured below sitting in the herb bed on the patio  

House Kitties need green space to


Completely different looking patio garden every year


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