The Aeroponic Experiment – soilless gardens

21 Oct

Aeroponic is a method of growing plants without soil. This method supplies nutrient filled water directly to the roots of the plants.

This is my first aeroponics project and here is the finished container- its ready to go.

I visited a local hydroponic store to get more information as well as purchasing the volcanic pebbles, and air pump and micro-sprinkler heads. (see my article )

I drilled tiny holes in the PVC pipes, where I placed the micro sprinklers.

Pre-made templates for the cuttings was a must. It created uniformity and there were no second guessing. Make sure to get insulation tape to keep the water inside of the container.

The system to make sure all of the mesh pods received enough water.

Estimated total cost to build this system was approximately $30.00


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